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Posted Thursday, October 26, 2023 04:10 PM ( 707 views)
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About me When did you last give yourself the pleasure of time unplugged from the world around you? Im an elegant minx with a depth of life experience, satiating your curiosity - mental or physical. With blue eyes, pale lightly-freckled skin and all natural curves, Im the conduit for your imagination. Originally from Ireland, I hold degrees in business and the medical field. I still retain my charming accent, have a thirst for knowledge and can confidently converse on a myriad of topics. Im incredibly feminine, tattoo-free and always dressed in classic outfits curated with you in mind. I prefer un-scripted encounters in which we remain open to whatever fits our personalities, preferences, energy and comfort zone. Whether its stress, loneliness or the longing for a more meaningful encounter that brings you to me, as a mature companion I can handle all of those wishes. Send me an email; check out my Twitter or my Tumblr.
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