Mistress Westwood

Posted Thursday, October 26, 2023 04:11 PM ( 637 views)
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About me Mistress Westwood is a tall glass of sweet tea. A natural blonde with rose petal lips, her petite frame contains a surprising strength. Her Southern hospitality and classic beauty may suggest a land of milk and honey, but only until she reaches for her rope. Elegance and good instincts simply enable a genuine cruelty within her. With a few bats of her lashes shell have you hogtied and helpless. Mistress Westwood is nobody’s fool, but understands the power of a little sweetness. Her velvet exterior envelopes something much harder, the natural instincts of a dominant. Girlish playfulness turns to wild sadism with a single knowing look. Her impatience belies her vast creativity: submissives realize their purpose is to entertain.
  • Mistress
  • (646) 415-9286
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  • New York
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